Governors of Exeter School

Governors of Exeter School

  1. Mr A C W King (Chairman)

  2. Mr J D Gaisford (Vice-Chairman)

  3. Ms G Hodgetts (Vice-Chairman)

  1. Ms R Vigers (Vice-Chairman and Nominated Safeguarding Governor)

  2. Mr A P Burbanks

  3. Mr K Cheney

  1. Mrs H Clark

  2. Miss R Edbrooke

  3. Mr P Fisher

  1. Ms C Gibaud

  2. Dr M C Grossel

  3. Brigadier S P Hodder

  1. Mr R May

  2. Professor S C Smart

  3. Professor A F Watkinson

The Governors can be contacted by writing to them at the school address, c/o the Clerk to the Governors, or by e-mail to