International Admissions

International pupils are welcomed into the Exeter School community and do much to enrich it. Each brings something individual to the school and increase our knowledge and respect of other cultures.

International pupils attending Exeter School have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a British educational environment and culture. This can be enriching and foster greater global awareness and understanding. Exeter School also provides strong academic preparation for further education, whether it’s attending a university in the UK or elsewhere in the world.

Our International Programme and Homestay

Exeter School is proud to welcome pupils from all over the world to join our school. Our international pupils can join us in the junior or senior school.

Exeter School is a day school and as such does not have on site boarding accommodation. For our sixth form international pupils who are in the UK without their families we have experienced, and police checked homestay families, with whom they can live. Our homestay scheme is managed by Gabbitas Education who also act as guardians to our international pupils. We keep in regular contact with them all as their welfare and happiness with their host families is our top priority.

Pupils that join in other years must live with their family or an approved guardian in the Exeter area as we cannot offer homestay accommodation.

All of our international pupils are wholly integrated into our academic and extra-curricular life.

International Pupils: Fees

Registration fee (payable on application): £150
Acceptance fee (refundable): Junior school £6,210
Acceptance fee (refundable): Senior school £7,650
Tuition fees (2023-24): Junior school £18,630 per annum charged in 3 equal instalments of £6,210 (includes academic tuition and term-time school lunches)
Tuition fees (2023-24): Senior school £22,950 per annum, charged in 3 equal instalments of £7,650 (includes academic tuition and term-time school lunches)

All fees for homestay accommodation are in addition and will be collected by Gabbitas.

Fees for Homestay

Fees collected by Gabbitas for homestay accommodation:

Homestay fee (2023-24): £8,280 per annum

Administration fee (2023-24): £3,000

Fees are due and payable in full before the commencement of the school term to which they relate and must have been received as cleared funds by that date.

BNO fees – Years 3 – 13

Applicants applying to Exeter School from Hong Kong as British National Overseas (BNO), who have been offered a place at Exeter School or Exeter Junior School, will be required to pay a refundable acceptance deposit equivalent to a term’s fees in advance, and a one-off fee of £2,000. This fee covers the costs incurred by the school associated with using the BNO scheme, such as agent fees and additional English provision that may be required upon arrival.

The day fee will be that applicable to the year group and not the overseas fees (see the Exeter School fees list for up to date fee information).

This one-off fee will also be applicable to other applicants applying to the school via an agent, or those who are deemed in need of additional English provision.

Fees are due and payable in full, both to Exeter School and Gabbitas, before the commencement of the school term to which they relate.

For the academic year 2023/24 the due dates are therefore 6 September 2023, 3 January 2024 and 17 April 2024. In the event of late payment, the rate of interest charged will be at 1.5% per month accruing on a daily basis.

Application Process

We will consider applicants put forward by agents and are also happy to receive direct approaches and applications. We seriously consider all applicants that show an interest in Exeter School.

We expect levels of English to be high, pupils will sit the standard entrance papers for their age group which includes an English paper. Sixth form applicants may be asked to sit the UKiset test or written papers in the subjects they are interested in taking at A Level

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