Academic Enrichment

At Exeter School education is an exciting and enriching experience, and one of the key sources of this enrichment is having inspiring and highly skilled teachers. We go beyond the usual classroom setup by offering a wide range of opportunities for academic enrichment. These opportunities are open to all students but are specially designed to cater to those who are academically talented and intellectually ambitious.

Our enrichment activities cover a broad spectrum, including lectures, masterclasses, field trips (both day trips and residential), performances, revision sessions, study skills workshops, leadership training, as well as various clubs and societies. These initiatives aim to provide pupils with a well-rounded education that goes beyond textbooks and exams, encouraging them to explore their interests and expand their horizons.

One of the unique aspects of our academic enrichment program is the presence of academic societies like the Crossing Club, Catalyst Club, and Comets Club, which cater to pupils aged 7 to 18. The Catalyst Club is open to pupils from the Third Form to Lower Fifth (Years 7 to 9), while the Crossing Club is for Middle Fifth pupils (Year 10) and above. These clubs organise a wide range of events and activities aimed at challenging pupils, broadening their perspectives, and fostering their creativity and curiosity.