Sixth Form
Sixth Form

Beyond Exeter School

Alongside our core academic programme, we offer myriad high-quality and wide-ranging opportunities which focus pupils on preparing for life beyond the sixth form.

Our aim is to allow pupils to develop a sense of responsibility, teamwork and leadership skills. We believe pupils should prepare for their lives after school, and support and encouragement are offered as pupils make decisions towards achieving their future goals.

Leadership opportunities within Exeter School are plentiful: in academic societies, Wellbeing Ambassador work, clubs, CCF, DofE, Ten Tors and other outdoor pursuits, the Digital Council, orchestras and bands, the house system, sports teams, mentoring, the list goes on.

There is also the opportunity to become a prefect, which provides sixth formers with important experience in exercising management skills. The prefect duties are to assist the community and may be of an administrative, disciplinary, or co-ordinating nature such as zonal patrols. In addition, prefects represent the school at major events and conduct parental guided tours around the school. We are supremely lucky with our prefects. Exemplary role models for the rest of the community, they show great maturity, leadership and initiative. Indeed, they are integral to the smooth running of the school.

Throughout the year, speakers are invited to Exeter School to talk to pupils about a variety of useful topics from managing a budget at university to social media awareness.

At the end of their long and eventful journey through the school, our pupils could not be better prepared for life beyond the school gates.