At Exeter School we believe no child who deserves a place should be barred from attending because of an inability to pay the fees. We want to do more to break down social barriers and provide a nurturing and learning environment for children, regardless of their financial situation, and we want to continue to do this for as long as is necessary.

We recognise that many of our parents make personal sacrifices to secure their children’s education. Fees are set at levels which represent excellent value for money, particularly in light of the opportunities offered by the school.

Families are encouraged to apply for both a scholarship and a bursary if they require financial assistance to enable their child to take advantage of the opportunities a scholarship to Exeter School can give.

Bursaries are usually awarded for pupils entering Third Form (Year 7) and above. They are means-tested awards based on parental circumstances and are awarded on an annual basis. They are available to internal and external candidates who meet the school’s academic entry requirement and whose parents could not afford to send their children to Exeter School without financial assistance.

Bursary applications must be supported by a full, written, verified statement of financial circumstances. Parents who wish their children to be considered for a bursary should indicate this on their registration form. If you would like to request the registration fee is waived, please email the Director of Admissions and Marketing at 

All applications for support for the year 2024/25 must be received by Friday 12 January 2024. The assessment process will include a home visit by an agent employed by the school. As a general guide, gross parental income will need to be below £60,000 per annum to be considered for a bursary but each case is considered on an individual basis so please contact the Director of Admissions and Marketing for an informal conversation.

Possible loss of functionality to our portals

Please note that there is a widespread technical issue with CrowdStrike’s software which has led to a global outage affecting various sectors, including planes, railways, and iSAMS servers and communications. This may mean that parents of the school might not be able to use their parent portal currently and some other parts of our site might not work as well as they normally do.

We urge you to take a well-earned break and check back in on Monday when hopefully things will be working again.