Junior School

Junior Pastoral Care

Children’s welfare and wellbeing are at the heart of all we do at Exeter Junior School. We offer a nurturing, caring and vibrant home for learning which strives for excellence and enjoyment.

We encourage our pupils to be curious and freely explore the wide range of excellent opportunities available to help them develop their personality and talents to the full.

Caring form tutors, a well-qualified team of teaching assistants, a qualified thrive practitioner and a learning support coordinator are all there to offer advice, guidance and a sympathetic ear. We have a specialist team of Form One (Year 3) tutors who work to ensure pupils joining us feel supported and quickly integrate into the community. As one Form One pupil put:

“My tutor told me it's her job to take our worries away, and she is great at doing that”
Form one Pupil

The buddy system ensures mentors keep an eye out for and show younger pupils the ropes and goes a long way to ease the initial settling-in process for younger pupils. The house system forges firm friendships and a sense of belonging along with friendly competition across a range of different activities.

Meet the Pastoral and Safeguarding Team