Junior School

Junior Art

Junior school art aims to provide a wealth of rich and inspiring opportunities for all pupils to develop an awareness and love of art.

The curriculum is designed to stimulate curiosity, creativity and enjoyment, whilst providing fundamental skills and knowledge. Encompassing as many cross-curricular links as possible, we set out to make the subject relevant and inspiring.

The pupils are encouraged to access a variety of art techniques, and experience success and enjoyment in the projects undertaken. This can be seen within lessons, extra-curricular clubs, art projects, and masterclasses.

Pupils are taught to respect and use resources appropriately and safely. These expectations gently increase as they progress through the school, so that they can make more informed and independent choices about the outcomes of their work.

In addition, there is an art club, sketching club and masterclasses as well as an annual junior school art show.

Pupils enter a number of competitions, both internally and externally, including the National Gallery Take One Picture Project.