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Alumni walking down the road

Exeter Alumni

All former pupils of Exeter School, including those who joined us from other schools to study A Level subjects, are members of the Exeter School alumni community. As are former teachers and members of staff, as well as former parents who want to stay in touch with the school.

The Alumni and Development office exists to connect you to the school in ways that are meaningful and mutually beneficial. We run a wide range of events, share regular communications and publications, and enable you to give your time and expertise to our pupils via our volunteering programme. We can help you reconnect with former classmates and teachers, explore the school archives, and share your news. And, of course, alumni are always welcome to come back and visit the school by arrangement.

Our alumni are hugely important to us. No matter when you left the school, you always remain a part of our community. We value your life-long connection to the school, and foster this relationship by following your progress, inviting you to events, keeping you updated with school and alumni news, and supporting you when we can. Many of you also already support us generously through attending events, providing stories for our magazine and website, and volunteering. Thank you. We are truly grateful.

Within these pages you will find more details of the work we do, events you can attend, and how you can get more involved. An important part of our work involves giving you the opportunity to transform young lives through our bursary programme. Bursaries are means-tested financial awards. They enable bright and talented pupils, whose families would not ordinarily have the financial means to send them to the school, to access an Exeter School education. The school has ambitious aims to expand our bursary provision. At the moment 1.5% of pupils are here benefiting from an entirely free place, and there is more we want to do. We are very grateful to all those who already support us – thank you.

Watch our wonderful video, celebrating all that it means to be a part of the Exonian community! We love hearing about the wonderful memories and values so many OEs share and have taken from their time at Exeter School. Our video aims to capture some of these sentiments and we hope it makes you feel proud to be an Exonian. Please share your memories and why you love Exeter School with us via email or our Facebook group using #YourExeterSchool.

Once an Exonian, always an Exonian.