Sixth Form

The Futures Programme

The sixth form at Exeter School is much more than simply a place to study for A Levels and BTEC. We offer a number of high quality and wide-ranging opportunities for sixth formers which focus on preparing them for life beyond the sixth form.  

Our unique combination of academic study, the Futures programme and participation in co-curricular activities allows pupils to expand on personal development, whilst developing their character and obtaining life and leadership skills which are increasingly valued by universities. 

A number of speakers visit during the year as part of the Futures Programme, to complement sessions led by our experienced school staff. As part of the programme, we offer a series of both mandatory and optional lectures, workshops and other activities focused around further developing three key strands:’ 


Including guidance on course and university choices, and understanding the UCAS application process. This includes our successful programme for pupils who wish to apply for very competitive courses and/or highly selective universities, including our Oxbridge and clinical courses preparation groups. Guidance is also given to those looking to apply for degree-based apprenticeships.


Including understanding the range of careers options open to pupils and the nature of the modern labour market. It also includes opportunities to receive specialist careers advice from those already working in their desired field.


Including the development of appropriate and desirable skills, attitudes, and values. This strand includes practical workshops, such as CV preparation, interview skills, communication skills, as well as broader sessions on leadership and wellbeing, and various support and enrichment opportunities.

Workshops topics range from creating an amazing CV and presenting with confidence, to mindfulness, developing perseverance and even cooking on a budget!  A sample of the workshops on offer for the Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth can be found online.

Pupils are also offered a range of focused presentations on subjects as diverse as managing finances, staying healthy, personal branding, and planning gap years.

As part of the Futures Programme pupils can also complete online courses from providers such as FutureLearn or complete online activities as part of the iDEA programme. Pupils wishing to complete the Extended Project Qualification can do so as part of their Futures time.  All these activities not only provide opportunities to learn more about a topic of interest but help pupils stand out from the crowd when it comes to their higher education applications.

Most of the activities on offer as part of the programme are optional. A key element of the Futures Programme is the concept of allowing pupils to plot their own path, to choose which activities are most beneficial to them.

In addition to the workshops and presentations we offer several landmark events throughout the two years of study:


This is a special conference-style afternoon where pupils are given the chance to attend sessions led by Exeter School alumni working in a wide range of different fields.


This takes place in June and typically involves:

  • Leadership skills morning – this is an opportunity for the pupils to take part in practical challenges and team-building exercises with experienced outdoor leaders.
  • Gap year talks – these highlights the variety of different options for a gap year and include talks from recent alumni.
  • Employability skills – pupils are taken through a variety of workshops aimed to help them improve their communication, presentation, and interview skills.
  • Higher Education Forum – speakers from leading universities talk to pupil and parents about applying to competitive universities, student finance, life at university, degree-based apprenticeships.
  • UCAS Day – pupils receive talks on higher education and the UCAS application process. They then work with their Head of House to begin completing their applications and carefully preparing their personal statement.
  • Business and Enterprise Day – pupils work in pre-selected groups and prepare a series of presentations, displays and video clips on a given topic which are then judged by a panel of professionals. This shows the ingenuity of individuals and the ability to function as a member of a team.


Pupils attend interviews on a Saturday in the autumn term in Upper Sixth each year. The object of the exercise is to give all pupils the opportunity of experiencing a general interview away from school and in a professional setting. It is not intended that the interviews should be a job-style interview, though every effort is made to match the pupil to an interviewer with similar interests (for example potential medical students with doctors). This is a unique opportunity to practise interview techniques in the real world, in an unfamiliar yet safe environment, with experienced, professional interviewers.

Pupils are interviewed twice, each one followed by an evaluation session. All pupils complete an application form which is sent to the interviewers in advance.

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