Sixth Form

A Week in the Sixth Form

Your weekly timetable will include seven periods for each of your four subjects, two supervised study periods, four free periods, games on Wednesday afternoons, Friday 8 activities and a Futures session on Tuesdays.

You are kept busy and engaged; alongside your academic lessons there are weekly opportunities to attend sessions to help you prepare for your life after school, to do some physical activity and exercise for your personal health and wellbeing, and to participate in service activities for the school and wider community.

You are able to go off site during break, lunch, and in your free periods, and you will have more free/study time in the Upper Sixth, when most pupils drop one of their four subjects. 

The sixth form have their own purpose-built centre, which includes a spacious common room, study and seminar rooms, a pool room, and a small kitchen. This provides their own dedicated space on the school campus, slightly set apart from other year groups and academic departments, while nevertheless allowing them to still feel part of the school community.

Period Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
P1 Geography BTEC sport Free period Physics Business studies
P2 Geography BTEC sport Free period
P3 Physics Business studies Free period
P4 BTEC sport Physics Business studies Free period Physics
P6 Physics BTEC sport Games Free period BTEC sport
P7 Business studies Futures Geography Geography
P8 School service