A Day at the Senior School

Senior School

Registration and PSHE, assembly or chapel
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While Tuesdays to Thursdays follow this timetable, Mondays and Fridays work a little differently to allow time for whole school assembly, house meetings and Friday 8 activities, which you can read more about on our Sixth Form curriculum pages.
Period 1
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A hands on practical lesson might start off the day in our Design and Technology suite putting the threads on a new drill bit.
Period 2
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Science experiments or practical classes may take up a double period so that we get the most out of our time.
Period 3
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There is always advice and support on hand to offer guidance and encouragement allowing us to aspire and flourish.
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We get to hang out with our friends around the spacious site or in the comfort of pastoral rooms or quiet spaces.
Period 4
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We use a mix of devices and traditional methods in our classes to ensure innovation goes hand in hand with ensuring the content is covered.
Period 5
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Some of our classes allow for quiet contemplation or even getting into character for our learning.
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After eating in the dining hall we can explore other areas, either choosing to study, taking some lunchtime clubs or going to Room 3 for some pastoral care or to play some games.
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Afternoon roll calls
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Roll calls happen right after lunch before we head to next lesson.
student playing the keyboard
Period 6
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Some music lessons may happen after lunch and we love the opportunity to get composing.
student vaulting
Period 7
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A games session is usually a double period at the end of the day.
Period 8
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The last period of the day before after school clubs commence.
After school clubs and sports matches
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We have many matches being played, home and away, and there is always an opportunity to try out and give it a go. Seasons rotate through cricket, rugby, hockey, netball and football and we have the chance to play much more besides.
Summer Open Evening - 9 May

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Our school experts, the pupils themselves, will be on hand to guide you through what daily life is like. For more information on school places, please email admissions@exeterschool.org.uk.