Exeter School offers a range of scholarship opportunities to pupils who are talented in their chosen discipline. Scholarships are available at 11+, 13+ and 16+ for pupils who show excellence in art, drama, music, and sport.

Being a scholar at Exeter School will give you:

• An elite programme that will further develop your talents and skills.

• Recognition of your achievements.

• Appreciation of your exceptional potential.

• The status of being a scholar within the school.

• Enhancement of your UCAS application and curriculum vitae.

• Opportunities to influence school life.

• Prospect of being a leader of the school and a great role model.

Scholarships do not have an accompanying fee concession but are an honorary award and the scholar is recognised for their achievements.

Parents can apply to have a scholarship supported by a bursary, subject to a means test. Bursaries take the form of a fee reduction (up to 100% in exceptional circumstances) to a level dependent on the parents’ financial situation.

New deadlines for scholarships and bursaries

Monday 13 November Closing date for scholarship applications
Tuesday 21 November Scholarship assessment day – 13+ sport
Wednesday 22 November Scholarship assessment day – 16+ sport
Friday 24 November Scholarship assessment day – 11+ sport
Monday 4 December Scholarship assessment day – music – vocal
Wednesday 6 December Scholarship assessment day – Art
Wednesday 6 December Scholarship assessment day – Drama
Friday 12 January Closing date for bursary applications

Scholarship Application