Junior School Admissions

Exeter Junior School – Ages 7 – 11

Entry to Exeter Junior School is possible into all year groups where there are places available, with the largest intake being at Years 3 and 5. We will consider entry in January and April, as well as in September.

If you would like to consider a place at Exeter Junior School for your child, the first thing to do is to come and visit us. We would be delighted to give you a tour of the school and you can apply for a place by completing the online registration form.

Exeter Junior School is academically selective with entrance assessments taking place in early February. Late assessments can be arranged on an individual basis.

During the assessment pupils will be given an opportunity to demonstrate literacy and numeracy skills as appropriate for their age.


The English tests will assess the child’s skills in all the key aspects of literacy: reading, comprehension, writing, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and handwriting. The writing test comprises a planning/introductory session with the teacher before writing. The introduction may take the form of verbal, visual or concrete stimulus which is fully discussed with the pupils before they start. A good standard of presentation, punctuation, and content of writing is encouraged rather than the quantity.

Pupils will sit an online English reading test which will comprise a range of age-appropriate English exercises and reading skills. There will also be a short spelling test.

For Year 3 and Year 4 entry, the pupil will also read a passage from an age-appropriate text to the teacher.


The maths assessment takes the form of two papers: a general maths paper covering a range of topics. Pupils are encouraged to show their working. There is also a timed mental maths paper, assessing accuracy and speed across a variety of mathematical concepts including number work. The questions are read out and repeated by the teacher. Children sitting the 7+ and 8+ (Years 3 and 4 entry) have the maths paper read aloud by the teacher.

Children sitting the 10+ (Year 6 entry) are allowed to use a calculator for the first part of the maths test so it would be useful to familiarise children with calculators beforehand.

Children joining Years 5 and 6 may also need to sit the 11+ entry assessment for progression to Exeter School. Pupils who are assessed remotely will have an online interview with the Head or Deputy Head. Where assessment has been completed remotely, we reserve the right to withdraw the place if a pupil’s academic performance is less than expected upon entry to the school.

We will also request a reference from your current school. We would then formally offer a place and the return of the acceptance form and acceptance deposit completes the entry procedure.

You may, of course, enter your child for future years, but we would not normally complete the paperwork until the year preceding admission. Most children transfer to Exeter School for Year 7, subject to a satisfactory final report from the Head.

For information on scholarships and bursaries for Year 7, click here.

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Register for an Exeter Junior School place

To register for a place at Exeter Junior School you will need to complete the registration form for each child you would like to register. The nonrefundable registration fee is £150.

This form takes around 20 minutes to complete. When completing the personal details for parents please include the details of both parents. Ahead of starting, have ready a digital photograph of your child as this will need to be uploaded as part of the form.

Register for a place

Open morning - 4 July


Click here to register for our summer open morning on Thursday 4 July 9-10.45am.

See the amazing community that makes our school a school of great character. For more information on school places, please email