Junior School

Junior Music

Our aim in music is to provide our pupils with a stimulating, enjoyable learning environment in which they can share our love of music and its infinite possibilities for self-expression, creativity and understanding of the learning process.

We hope to encourage and instill a joy in and a confidence in music learning and making, both of which our pupils can carry with confidence into the next stage of their education and beyond. 

All junior school music classes include singing, which forms the basis of much of the lesson content, with aural, theory, listening and performance tasks all derived from the selected singing repertoire. We firmly believe that at this stage in the children’s musical development, singing forms the foundation of all music learning. 

Pupils also have the opportunity to use full-size digital pianos and keyboards as well as computers and music-writing software for developing their composing skills. 

All Form One (Year 3) pupils have a free 35-minute string instrumental lesson with one other pupil every week through the Exeter School String Instrument Scheme (ESSIS). The scheme both supports the children’s academic growth and paves the way for growing participation in orchestras and bands in future years. The pupils’ lessons are on string instruments, complementing the whole class string tuition delivered to Form One children. Children will also be provided with instruments to practice on at home, free of charge.

Class music lessons are taught by specialist music staff who also teach within the senior school. All lessons take place in the music school on campus.