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An Exeter School education should be accessible to bright pupils from the local area, irrespective of their financial background.

Exeter School offers an exceptional education. We are proud of our outstanding academic results and the range of co-curricular opportunities we provide. The development of our pupils’ character is a priority for the school.

The opportunity to attend Exeter School should not be left to chance. Every child who has the potential to thrive here should be given the opportunity to do so, for the benefit not only of themselves and their families but also the school community and our wider community. A bursary is means-tested financial support awarded to a child who has secured a place at the school. A bursary enables a pupil who would otherwise not be able to attend the school to have an Exeter School education.

Where we are today

In the 2021/22 academic year we awarded over £500,000 in bursaries to 59 pupils. The majority of our bursary recipients need significant financial support to attend the school; 13 received full bursaries, with 42 receiving bursaries covering more than 50% of school fees.

We have an endowed fund of just over £700,000 (much of which was funded by donations and legacies) which yields approximately £20,000 a year in support of bursaries. The remainder of bursaries are funded by fee income.

The future

We want to expand our bursary provision and need your support in order to do so. At times, during the Direct Grant and Assisted Places eras, up to 25% of the school was made up of bright and talented boys who attended at no cost to their families. Today, 1% of pupils are here on an entirely free place.

There is more we can do. We hope that you will join us in giving to our bursary fund and enabling us to become more accessible to families in the local area. Let us show you how bursaries can change lives.

We are grateful to all those who support the bursary fund – thank you.

“Exeter School has helped me to achieve and instilled a strong work ethic that I know will stay with me forever. It has been an incredibly important part of my life. I would not be where I am now without Exeter School and the bursary support has been a huge help to me and my family”.
Eka, bursary recipient