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RAF’s NitEx at Woodbury Common

Posted: 13th March 2024

cadets building

On Friday 8th March, the RAF section of the CCF travelled to Woodbury Common for our annual night expedition, the infamous ‘nitex’! The whole section, with almost 100 pupils from Middle Fifth to Upper Sixth, travelled to Woodbury Common, to take part in training exercises.


The evening began with the sixth form pupils delivering training sessions to the younger cadets, covering everything from teamwork and first aid, to the very popular session on how to build a fire and toast a marshmallow!

Following this, cadets sat down for an evening meal of MOD ration packs. and cooked rations before the Upper Fifth and Middle Fifth teams navigated through checkpoints and challenges set by the sixth form NCOs.

They were then ready to embark on the night expedition, a sixth form-led activity that saw groups of cadets navigating around a course and completing a challenge at each of the six checkpoints.

Well done to the sixth form team, led by Sarah for the exercise and congratulations to Team 5, led by Cpl Rebecca and L/Cpl Minti, for being the winning team on the evening. After the winners were declared and prizes distributed, the happy but tired cadets piled onto the coach, arriving back in Exeter just before midnight.

A big thank you to all the staff who gave up their Friday evening to make this event happen.



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