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U6 Business trip to Midlands

Posted: 13th December 2023

cadbury world trip

The Upper Sixth A Level Business Studies trip was a journey into the beating heart of industry in the Midlands! From handcrafted luxury cars to the sweet success of marketing excellence, the trip was a chance to inspire and challenge curious minds. Our first stop was the iconic Morgan factory, where precision and passion merge to create timeless automobiles. Witnessing the meticulous process of handcrafted motor manufacturing was awe-inspiring. From the raw materials to the finished masterpiece, every detail spoke volumes about the artistry behind the wheels. At Cadbury, we delved into the sweet world of marketing. Engaging in an insightful talk, we learned the tricks of the trade that turn a chocolate bar into a global sensation. The art of storytelling, branding, and customer engagement took centre stage, leaving students with a newfound appreciation for the science behind the sweetness. The Mini factory in Cowley showcased the epitome of modern manufacturing. State-of-the-art technology and innovation merged seamlessly to bring the iconic Mini to life. Walking through the assembly line, we witnessed the harmonious dance of man and machine, leaving us in awe of the precision that goes into every detail of the manufacturing process. Our journey finished at the Aerospace Museum, where we explored the marvel that is Concorde. Beyond its supersonic speed, we delved into the economics that powered this iconic aircraft. Unravelling the financial intricacies of Concorde’s operation shed light on the delicate balance between technological innovation and economic sustainability. This trip wasn’t just about witnessing industrial prowess; it was an educational odyssey. Students gained first-hand insights into the intricate link between business, marketing, and manufacturing. The real-world applications of our Business Studies curriculum came to life, sparking inspiration.

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