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CCF competition

Posted: 12th December 2023


The two competitions marked the end of the Autumn term for CCF.

The Middle Fifth pupils are put through their paces in drill, military knowledge, and first aid in the Platoon Skills Competition. The six platoons (Alpha-Foxtrot) show the skills that they have learnt through their recruit training in the Autumn term. Congratulations to Bravo and Delta, the joint winners for this year. In January, they will have their final taster sessions in the CCF sections (Navy, Army, and RAF) before joining those sections.

The Tri-Service competition is our festive fun event, which involves a lot of friendly rivalry between the service sections. The Upper Fifth and Lower Sixth compete in various challenges around the site run by the Upper Sixth NCOs. Challenges are Dodgeball, Drainball and a quiz. The two top-scoring teams then play against each other in the tug-of-war final. This year, the final was Army vs RAF and despite a strong performance from the RAF, it was the Army section that was crowned champions for 2023. The very prestigious trophy (a toilet seat) will be on display in Mr Trim’s lab for the year.



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