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Reading matters at Exeter School. This year the library has hosted hundreds of hours of reading lessons, issued thousands of books, purchased hundred of new titles, put on author events for every child from F1-L5, run clubs, competitions and challenges galore. Reading is incredibly important to the academic and character development of our children, and I would like to thank you for all the ways you have supported reading this year. I often ask pupils about where they get their recommendations from, and a lot of the time the answer is from family members, especially parents. And it’s not just about recommending books – all the small chats about reading, these really make a difference. So, thank you, and please let’s keep it up over the summer holidays too. Speaking of which…

Summer Reading Challenge

Reading over the holidays is not only a great way to unwind and exercise your imagination, but an important way to keep your brain active. We’re challenging pupils to read six books from six different genres over the holidays, and everyone who succeeds will be awarded with a certificate and small prize. Lending limits have been increased and the librarians will be more than happy to help pupils choose their six books. Pupils can pick up an entry form from the library.

Ebooks and Audiobooks through BorrowBox

The school library doesn’t currently lend ebooks or audiobooks, but pupils who are members of Devon public libraries (Libraries Unlimited) have access to thousands of free ebooks and audiobooks through the BorrowBox app on their iPads. If you are not already public library members, visit your local library or click here: It’s totally free and gives you access to a vast selection of resources. And yes, audiobooks do count for the Summer Reading Challenge!

Teachers’ Summer Reading Recommendations

Featured new fiction

Personal book recommendations

Personal book recommendations

There are so many wonderful books out there it can be hard to decide which books to choose. We can help! Simply get in touch for a personal recommendation for great books to buy the children in your life for Christmas...
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Senior school library newsletter
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