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LAMDA showcase

Posted: 28th June 2024

Exeter School pupils have done amazingly well in their drama studies over the past year and we couldn’t be more proud. 93 pupils completed a LAMDA exam this year in Acting and Devising exams from Grades 1-8. This amazing cohort of pupils achieved a top mark merit or distinction award, with 96% of them receiving a Distinction. These are phenomenal results and the Drama department are so pleased with all of them. Nerves are always high on exam days but Mrs Whitfield and Mrs Gibson were never in any doubt that our pupils would do well. Examiners remarked on how well prepared our pupils were and how confidently and maturely they answered the ‘knowledge’ section of the exam. 14 pupils who took their Bronze, Silver or Gold medal exam also received UCAS points which they can proudly state on their upcoming UCAS applications and many pupils have used their LAMDA lessons as their ‘skill’ when completing their Duke of Edinburgh report. It has been a pleasure to write their assessor’s report and describe how much progress they have made towards their new ‘skill’. Lastly, pupils delighted family and friends at the LAMDA showcase in June performing one of their exams pieces. The album below is just a flavour of some of those wonderful performances.

LAMDA showcase


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