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Junior School Sports Day

Posted: 28th June 2024

Well what an amazing day for Sports Day! The weather was ordered to perfection, just the right amount of sun for the parents to bask in and enjoy their little sporty stars show off their talents and the perfect amount of cloud for our athletes to perform and thrive.

In a sea of house colours The Lower Junior School, F1 and U1 took to the field early doors and the excitement and adrenaline was almost tangible. The Upper Juniors L2 and U2 had the morning to psych themselves up and after lunch exploded onto the field ready to add to the achievements of their younger team mates earlier in the day.

The Athletes took off to a racing start with those children who chose to run the 600m/800m, some brilliant endurance and amazing how some made it look so easy. The pace grew and grew for the 200m and 100m/50m with the sprinters displaying such quality of intensity.

All the children participated in the Long Jump and woosh how they took off! Some very interesting landings and definitely some sandy socks at the end of the event!

The children were able to choose between the High Jump and The Ball Throw, the High Jump challenged the athletes to find their own technique and perfect their angular velocity, definitely a lot to think about in a couple of seconds. The children even surprised themselves and there was some brilliant teammate support every time the bar was raised.

The ball throw kept our sports team on their toes and ever so impressed with the children beating their PB nearly every time, something maybe aided by the gusts of wind but then again it is all about timing. There were definitely some wows from the parents and staff team alike. I’m sure this event helped decide fielding positions for the House cricket matches this week.

The results are to be announced in next week’s assembly… watch this space.


Exeter Junior School Sports Day 2024
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