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Zac competes for Dorian Fisher prize

Posted: 2nd April 2024

Zac Westaway

Zac, one of our Lower Sixth pupils, recently participated in the prestigious Dorian Fisher Memorial Prize, a competition hosted by the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), which attracts bright young economists from around the globe.

The competition requires participants to delve into complex economic topics, presenting their arguments and understanding through essays. Zac submitted a compelling piece on “Why is the inflation being experienced by the U.K. proving to be more ‘sticky’ than expected?” for his major essay. Additionally, he explored the intricate nature of money in his philosophical essay titled “What is ‘money’ as a concept in economic thinking?”

Zac’s insightful analysis and eloquent presentation of economic concepts earned him a Highly Commended honour from the IEA. This distinction not only highlights his deep understanding of economics but also his exceptional research skills, as he engaged with primary sources to craft his arguments.

In recognition of his outstanding work, Zac has been invited to a prize-giving lunch at the IEA head offices in London, a testament to his hard work and dedication.

Zac expressed his enjoyment of the research process, stating, “Doing the extensive research into primary sources to develop my arguments was incredibly fulfilling. It allowed me to engage deeply with the topics and enhance my understanding of economics.”

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