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The Crossing Club Mock Trial 2024

Posted: 20th March 2024

Thursday saw the annual Crossing Club Mock Trial take place in the Drama studio at lunchtime. This annual event provides pupils the opportunity to practice their legal debate techniques and see how rhetoric can sway decisions that will affect the accused’s future.

The defendant, played by Grace in Lower Sixth, had been accused of breaking into a car and stealing it on a night out. Sam (Upper Sixth) and Federico (Lower Sixth) were the prosecution barristers putting forward the case against the accused, while the defence were Otto and Ryan (both Lower Sixth).

Each side put their case to the audience, who would then act as jury. The witnesses, clerk and usher were also all played by sixth form pupils and the trial was presided over by a professional judge who very kindly volunteered their time.

Both sides had convincing arguments but the final decision was…not guilty!