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‘Be a Technician’ event on Techognition Day

Posted: 11th March 2024

students working together

Friday was #techognition day and at lunchtime, technicians from Art, Design and Technology and Science all came together to provide hands-on, practical activities, giving pupils from all year groups an insight into the role of a technician. Pupils could drop in over the lunch period and get stuck into some fun activities all set up.

Activities on offer included bending a glass tube with Mrs Fullam. Pupils took time heating the tubes over bunsen burners and carefully bending them without breaking the glass. Mr Astle taught pupils how to pour molten Agar into petri dishes being careful to place the bottles back into the water bath after pouring. Pupils enjoyed using a magnetic stirrer, diluting an acid and using an indicator to check their accuracy with Ms Lewis. Mr Barker assisted pupils to make a flame test wire using a drill, then see how it’s used to produce a coloured flame. Pupils also had the chance to unwire plugs. This was particularly popular as pupils discussed the fact that it was more interesting tinkering with things they see everyday but understanding the importance of doing so safely. Mr Saunders’ (design technician) badge making activity proved very popular also with laser cut designs prepped ready for the finishing touches. Mrs Taylor (art technician) helped pupils produce some beautiful shell designs using a Cricut machine. There were nerves around whether it would jam with such intricate designs being produced by the pupils but all worked smoothly and it was quite relaxing to watch.

Hopefully, pupils had the opportunity to see how their class experiments are prepped in advance and the energy that goes into the set up of such activities to ensure that all is safe and available. Thank you to our technicians working hard behind the scenes – a great ‘techognition’ event! More photos can be found here.

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