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M5 and U5 Poland character trip

Posted: 11th December 2023

students in the snow

Our Middle Fifth and Upper Fifth pupils had a fantastic character trip in Poland to start off the holiday season. Here are some highlights of what they experienced on the trip.

On the first day, they learned about how Jews lived in Kraków before WWII by taking a tour of the Jewish quarter. They also learnt about Jewish customs and traditions by visiting a synagogue, and about how Jews were forced to live in ghettos following the Nazi invasion of Poland. They visited the Jewish ghetto walls and the famous Schindler’s factory gates, as well as the Eagle Pharmacy.

On the second day, they went to the Auschwitz concentration camp and were given a guided tour, learning about how some of the worst crimes in human history were committed there and why people are so passionate about preserving the two sites. There were opportunities to ask questions of the very well-informed guides, reflect on what they had seen, and share their thoughts.

On the final day, the students went to Wieliczka Salt Mine, where they descended over 300 metres via about 400 stairs to visit the magnificent mines, active for about 700 years. They are all impressed by the St Kinga’s chapel, an underground church created entirely of salt, complete with chandeliers, statues and an altar. The trip concluded with a tour of Kraków’s city centre, with a chance to visit the Christmas market, St Mary’s basilica and to enjoy a hot chocolate, before beginning the long journey home!

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