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Informal piano concert 22 Nov 23

Posted: 24th November 2023

The Informal Piano Concert took place in the Music Hall at 4pm on Wednesday and featured musicians from 7 to 18 years.  The full range of genres was explored, with classical pieces by Chopin, Clementi, Schubert and Beethoven played by Pengxiao, Georgia, Spiro and Charlie G, jazz was the choice of Charlie D, Imogen, Henry Robert and Ella, film inspired Niyati and 20th/21st century classical was the style selected by Agnes, Anoushka, Aiden, Krithik, Taylor, Isobel and Rosanna.  George, Marietta and Eddie were inspired by animals and sounds in some quirky pieces called Dragonflies, Wind Chimes and T. Rex Hungry, whilst Alex took Beethoven as his inspiration, drawing upon the Moonlight Sonata and then developing his own improvised interpretation.

This was the last Informal Concert of 2023, but there remain two concert performances this year.  WaterAid in the Cathedral is on 5 December and the Christmas Concert is in the Assembly Hall on 14 December – tickets for both these events are available via My School Portal.

Check out a video of the performances here.

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