Junior School

Junior school – Learning Support

Junior school learning support

We really get to know each and every child here at Exeter Junior school. This means getting a sense of their diverse learning preferences and needs. We consider and respect the learning needs of all our pupils, tailoring lessons accordingly.

Having the right systems in place makes all the difference. Pupils with identified learning needs can be supported through small group work, with termly reports to parents on progress. We generally do not offer one to one support at Exeter Junior School.

Individual assessments are completed to identify specific needs and referrals made to outside agencies where a higher level of concern is identified.

All new entrants to junior school are screened for dyslexia using an online screening tool and interventions are available to support learning in English and maths.

Social, emotional and behavioural development is supported through the use of the Thrive programme, which supports pupils who have been identified with social, emotional or behavioural needs.

Senior school and sixth form learning support

Exeter School is committed to providing support for those of its pupils with specific learning difficulties or special educational needs. Our learning support coordinator for Years 9, 10 and 11 in the senior school and sixth form pupils is Mrs Reeves. She coordinates provision for pupils with individual needs and is in regular contact with parents and our pastoral and academic staff, as well as outside agencies.

Learning support for our younger years in the senior school is the responsibility of Mrs Coogan who also works with our pupils in the junior school, ensuring they have a smooth transition to the senior school.

The learning support coordinators also liaises directly with the examinations office to ensure that access arrangements such as extra time are in place for public examinations as appropriate.

In addition to this specialist support, Exeter School requires all staff to continue to develop their awareness and understanding of special educational needs. Individual strategy sheets are produced by the learning support coordinator for all pupils on our learning support register. These provide background information, strengths, areas of need and strategies for supporting specific needs.