Junior School

A Day at the Junior School

The school day starts at 8.25am as teachers and form tutors meet and greet pupils as they line up. There is a set framework for the day but the week is best characterised by variety. Every day is different. We know it is important for you to be able to visualise your child’s routine and to ensure that equal weighting is allocated to each discipline so we have provided a sample timetable here for you to view.

Time Period Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8.30am Registration
8.35am P1 Maths Maths Maths Computer Science Maths
9.15am P2 Music History Drama Spanish
10.20am Break
10.45am P3 History PE Science Maths Science
11.25am P4 English Music
12.05pm Lunch
1.15pm P5 English Art and Design Technology Religious Studies Games English
1.55pm P6 English
2.35pm P7 Computer Science English Geography Personal, social and health education (PSHE) Geography
3.15pm – 3.40pm P8 Form time Form time Form time Form time Form time

This is a warm, friendly school where pupils look out for each other and no one is left out. This is evident as one sees the pupils move about the place at ease, at home, having fun. And should there be any concerns in the playground or elsewhere, we have a dedicated pastoral assistant there to help.

Pupils quickly get into the swing of the rhythms of the week. They soon find that term and time races by. We don’t believe that pupils’ time should be overscheduled. We want them to have choice, however, we strongly believe that education is all about trying new things, testing and surprising yourself. With so much on offer, we pride ourselves on finding something to fit every pupils’ talents and interests. All Exeter Junior School pupils are encouraged to take on responsibilities such as librarian, art monitor, or form captain.

We want pupils to take charge, have their say, shape their world.

Lunchtime is a favourite time of the day for many. There are hot and cold vegetarian options available every day, and vegan option on request. The salad bars, roast dinners and fish finger Fridays are particularly popular. Our hour-long lunches afford plenty of time for enrichment and fun outside the curriculum. Exeter Junior School days burst at the seams with clubs, musical groups and other activities, before, during and after the school day.

The day closes with a form period when children have a chance to regroup with their form tutor, to reflect on their day, and organise themselves ready for going home at 3.40pm or onto after-school activities.

Many pupils will go to late room, which runs until 5.30pm. This is a popular option for many pupils and parents. Our late room is the ideal environment for pupils to get on with homework, foster good habits and develop independent study skills, from an early age. The pupils have the time to wind down, enjoy some drawing, play board games such as chess with friends. There is no fee for this provision.

No day is the same at Exeter School, if you would like to come and visit us and find out more, we would love to welcome you.