Our aim is to realise the academic, personal and physical potential of each pupil in the school and we believe in the development of the whole pupil. The school's academic and pastoral teams operate side by side to monitor and develop pupil potential and to ensure that parents are well informed. We believe that happy, busy pupils make good academic progress.

Exeter School takes a 7-18 view in planning the academic curriculum. We believe that this curriculum is far more than the sum of the timetabled taught lessons. The large number of additional opportunities for academic enrichment is considered to be of great value and participation is encouraged. 

The development of learning skills, independent thought, creativity and a love of learning are wider aims of the curriculum and are embedded in all that we do. All pupils are expected to work hard to achieve their academic potential. Ultimately, academic success in GCSEs, A Levels and University admissions is an aim of the curriculum and an aspiration of pupils, staff and parents. We believe that such success is best achieved through a broad curriculum with a wide variety of opportunities for pupils to develop and practice their own academic interests.