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House dance competition 2024!

Posted: 4th July 2024

On Wednesday we had House Day, an exciting day which has both our sports day in Exeter Arena, as well as our wonderful house dance competition!

Each house choreographed their dance, which all conveyed a different story. They incorporated iconic hits such as Barbie, Mamma Mia, Despicable Me, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. We were particularly impressed at their creativity, as well as the many impressive breakdances! Special mentions go to the dancing chicken and Gru! The atmosphere in the Main Hall was positively electric, and all the pupils were very much in the house spirit.

The dances were all brilliant, and it took a while for the judges to come to a decision. There was never a dull moment, however, as the pupils were then treated to their surprise of the morning – the staff dance! Many thanks to the staff who participated!

The judges were looking for musicality, good combinations, solo and pair work, good use of the stage, nice transition, uses of costume and makeup. With these criteria in mind, the judges announced the winners as followers:

In third place came Goff! Special shout outs were given to Charlie and Maddie. Well done!

In second place there was a tie – the competition really was fierce –  many congratulations to Collins and Buller.

And the winner of the 2024 house dance competition was Townsend!

What a fantastic morning.



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