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Artist of the moment – Nora-Maya in Third Form

Posted: 26th April 2024

painting of dog and person

The art department regularly recognises the achievements of individual pupils in the senior school through the award of the title, ‘Artist of the Moment’. Entries cover a wide range of disciplines, including drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, installation and mixed media celebrating the diverse talents of pupils in our co-educational day school.

Our artist of the moment is Nora-Maya from 3C. Third Form are exploring the playful and experimental nature of Dadaism which was an avant-garde movement originating in Berlin in the early twentieth century. Artists such as Hannah Hoch cut out images and lettering from daily newspapers arranging them into a collage format in direct response to the political backdrop at the time. Hoch’s work often looks surprisingly contemporary considering some of it is over a hundred years old. Nora has used the Sketchbook App on her iPad to generate this impressive Dada inspired self-portrait. Well done Nora.