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Junior school art project good enough to eat

Posted: 6th March 2024

sketch of a pink cupcake


Upper Two pupils have been exploring the Pop Art era for their spring term art topic. They were introduced to a number of different images from artists like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichenstein, and they were encouraged to record the key characteristics in their sketch book. Emily said ‘I love Pop Art because of the bright colours’.

From here, they focused on the idea of everyday food items as featured in Wayne Thiebaud’s pop art pictures. They looked closely at the lines and shapes in a cupcake and sketched these, adding vibrant marker colours. To further explore the shapes, they used chalk pastel to blend and create a spiral icing effect. Adding the shading and highlights made their drawing pop. Aum in U2 said he really enjoyed the sketchbook work and exploring the theme, whereas Angus preferred the chalk pastels and smudging to get the colours to blend.

Finally, they used their knowledge of the shapes, lines and textures to create the clay cupcakes. They created a thumb pot cake case, and then carefully rolled tubes of clay to build the icing. Greg in U2 said , ‘the clay cupcakes were fun to make but coiling the clay for the icing was tricky and it really made us hungry!’

Izzy was very proud of her lime green icing and Arthur enjoyed painting the clay. We think they look good enough to eat! Well done U2, you have really progressed with your sketching and 3-D sculpting skills.

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