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A Tree’s Year Poem

Posted: 24th November 2023

National Tree Week takes place every year at the end of November, a time when we recognise how amazing plants are for both the environment and our well-being. Additionally serve as the beginning of the winter tree-planting season. In honour of National Tree Week, Kit from Form One wrote a poem acknowledging our trees as life-giving plants.


A Tree’s Year 

 In Spring my branches are covered in buds, 

My roots are diving deep in the mud, 

I’m looking forward to my pink blossom, 

With buzzy bees ready to come! 


In Summer my leaves start to grow large,  

To catch more sun-light to help me charge! 

At this time of year my fruit starts to grow, 

I provide a house for ants walking in a row. 


In Autumn my leaves start to fall, 

In the forest I stand tall, 

My leaves change from green to bronze to brown, 

It feels colder and wind gushes around. 


In Winter my branches are bare, 

I spot a fox crawling into its lair, 

What’s that flying overhead in the sky? 

It’s Santa flying by to say ‘Hi’! 

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