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Posted: 8th November 2023

Exeter School 1st XV Vs Mount Kelly School

To give some insights into the daily life of an Exonian, we share pupil voice every so often. Here we hear from Max in Lower Sixth.

“To kick off the year, I went straight into a week of pre-season rugby which, despite all the running and fitness, was great fun and a fantastic way to bond with new faces. It’s been a really promising start to the season with some convincing scores.

Academically, I’m diving into various aspects of my courses, and I’m currently writing my history coursework, focusing on Germany between the years 1933 and 1945. I’m really looking forward to our trip to Berlin in January where I will be able to visit all the significant places I am learning about.

In English literature, we have started looking at Shakespeare’s Hamlet this year. The discussions surrounding characters are very interesting and often offer much debate. We’ve been given articles to read and podcasts to listen to in order to help develop our own opinions on the play. I’ve found this really engaging and have enjoyed discussions in class

Over the summer break I attended many university open days. It’s really exciting getting to plan my future, and I’m currently in the process of crafting my personal statement, with guidance from my head of house.

I am really looking forward to embracing my final year as I believe that it will be a year of growth, both inside and outside the classroom.”


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Possible loss of functionality to our portals

Please note that there is a widespread technical issue with CrowdStrike’s software which has led to a global outage affecting various sectors, including planes, railways, and iSAMS servers and communications. This may mean that parents of the school might not be able to use their parent portal currently and some other parts of our site might not work as well as they normally do.

We urge you to take a well-earned break and check back in on Monday when hopefully things will be working again.