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Economics Society debate

Posted: 18th October 2023

This week, Economics Society held their first debate of the academic year. Economics Society is pupil-led and aims to gather like-minded pupils to exchange ideas beyond the standard curriculum. The motion titled, ‘This house believes that Universal Basic Income (UBI) should be implemented in the UK’, caused spirited debates. Both teams had to think under pressure when faced with questions from the judges, allowing them to display their knowledge. After a fantastic debate, the judges crowned the opposition victorious (Charlie B-M, Parker R, Oscar P). However, this win did not come easily as the proposition (Angus B-W, Eric G, Charlie H) battled with convincing arguments and strong public speaking skills. Collectively, the judges also announced Oscar P as the ‘The Best Individual Debater’ due to his persuasive closing statement.

Serena (President) said of the debate, “Having two strong teams made being a judge very difficult. Both sides not only brought in excellent economic terminology but emphasised their points with emotive language and clear presentation skills. Overall, it was a wonderful debate, and I had a lot of fun.”

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