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Oscar’s fundraising for charity Project Trust

Posted: 3rd July 2023

Lower Sixth pupil Oscar has been busy fundraising by performing sponsored music events to raise funds the charity Project Trust who have selected him to spend a year volunteering in Senegal after his Upper Sixth year.

Oscar is a music scholar and has recently taken part in the jazz evening with swunk and jazz band 1 and was the larger than life plant in Little Shop of Horrors. Oscar has decided to set up a number of sponsored music events- a jazz evening, a country and western night and perform at a wedding to support his fundraising.

Senegal has a rich musical tradition and is world famous for jazz which is Oscar’s musical passion! During the year he will be teaching Science and English to group of disadvantaged children and will be living in the heart of the community, immersed in local culture. He will help create and run extra-curricular activities in music and sport and will definitely be joining in with music and jazz.

Oscar said “I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity of a good education here at Exeter School and the chance to participate in music, sport and a wide range of extra-curricular activities. I very much hope that I can share my energy, enthusiasm and passion for science, learning, music and sport and hopefully nurture this passion in people who have been less fortunate than me in terms of chances to thrive. I am really looking forward to taking up this amazing chance to be able to contribute to my host community and also to learn and grow as an individual by immersion within another culture and community.”

Find out more about Oscar’s volunteering on his just giving page.

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