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Art Week Exeter

Posted: 12th June 2023

This week Exeter is holding an ‘Arts Week’ to display a variety of different artists and artist inspired work and we are lucky to be a part of it.

On Monday the 12th June, 4 students from Fourth Form and Lower Fifth Form took a visit into Exeter City Centre to display the Brutalist based work. We met the Exeter arts week director, Stuart Crewes, who helped us to install our posters onto the wall located of the Old Post Office Building in Princesshay shopping Centre. With his help we fly posted about 85 separate A3 artworks!

The Lower Fifth and YAC – Young Artists Collective, created these pieces by photographing a variety of Brutalist buildings from different locations in Exeter. We manipulated angles to make the images look more interesting and imposing. Then, we used an app named Adobe capture to remove the background, leaving us with just the building. On the sketchbook app, we added a solid colour backdrop, and drew on different geometric shapes to draw attention to the blocky details of the building. These art pieces were inspired by the work of graphic designer Peter Chadwick who is a Graphic Designer based in London who focuses on architecture.

Please be sure to look at the installation, it will be exhibited from 13th June – 19th location is the Old Post Office Building, Princesshay.

Review written by Lali (Middle Fifth), Euan (Lower Fifth), Rosa (Lower Fifth) and Eva (Middle Fifth).

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