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Upper One B design maths games!

Posted: 28th June 2024

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U1B were thrilled to share their maths games with U1R this morning. Designing the game was U1B’s end of term collaborative project, consolidating and extending their learning from over the year. The objectives for the games were:

  • the game matches your maths objectives and learning
  • your classmates can take part in it, and it can be taught and run with U1 pupils (in teams)
  • players can develop strategies to improve the likelihood of winning
  • pupils enjoy playing it

U1B have put such a lot of effort into deciding on their game ideas and design, creating the rules and of course writing the maths questions (and answers in a separate booklet!). Pupils played a fabulous variety of games such as ‘Times Table Blobs’. Sienna enjoyed the colours and the maths questions. Henry loved all three games he played: ‘Horse and Jumps’, ‘Maths Doctor’ and ‘Time Travel’ and Seth and Ashwin found ‘Cake Maths’ great fun because they love cake, and the questions were interesting.

Charlie and Freddie really enjoyed the Football maths games because they got to flick the goals, there were different questions for long and short corners and some of the questions were hard!


U1B Maths Games

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