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Form One Roman Day 2024

Posted: 13th June 2024

group of children dressed up for roman day

The annual Form One Roman day was a resounding success, although the pupils couldn’t quite agree on their highlight. Charlie enjoyed Gluteus Maximus – our very own Mr Pidwell – (sporting some shiny new armour) and the army formation, including performing the ‘testudo’. The children learnt a few Latin words, enjoying marching in the good weather.

Martha chose the creative task of transforming the wooden pegs into fully equipped Roman soldiers. We were amazed at the intricate details the children managed to incorporate in their tiny models.

Archie loved exploring Isca – Roman Exeter – in Minecraft Education. There was lots of learning and links to the RAMM. The children were surprised that Exeter Cathedral hadn’t yet been built, and that parts of the actual Roman wall still exist today! Amelie highlighted the amazing story telling skills of Ms Katy Cawkwell, a storyteller based near Exeter. Katy captivated the children with her story telling prowess, taking them on a detailed journey of Roman Gods and Goddesses, and the legend of Romulus and Remus.

The day was crammed full of wonderful learning and lots of fun. Thank you to the team for their time and hard work to help make it such a lovely experience: Mr Pidwell, Mrs Morgan, Mrs Hardy, Mr Gaskill, and Mrs Turner. Thank you also to the children and parents for such wonderful costumes. A very happy and successful day!

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