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Welcome to the Exeter School web site: I hope that it will give you a flavour of the school that we enjoy, the values and activities that we prize and the variety of opportunities that we offer. There is no typical Exeter School boy or girl: we celebrate the fact that our children's characters, talents and interests span a wide range. Great care is taken in selecting our staff: those who work with our young people are known for their ability, enthusiasm and positive approach. Providing value for money is central to our ethos and we aim to develop our facilities annually. I am immensely proud of our community's spirit and the strong sense of co-operation between pupils, parents and staff. Each year on Speech Day I review the past twelve months and I tend to conclude with the same expression: "At Exeter School we will keep trying to do everything well, with a smile on our faces". I think that says it all. Do come and see the school for yourself.  Bob Griffin - Headmaster

Road works outside school

The school has been informed that major gas pipe replacement work will be carried out in the Barrack Road area from 8 September, which will last for approximately 18 weeks. It looks likely that this work will have a significant impact on traffic flow in the area around school. We recommend that you consider alternative routes into school where possible.

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