Superb weather for Ten Tors Challenge

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Superb weather for Ten Tors Challenge

Teamwork triumphs

The annual Ten Tors Challenge took place over the weekend of 11 and 12 May in superb weather conditions. Four hundred teams took part, each with six walkers, navigating routes of 35, 45 or 55 miles over the northern half of Dartmoor, visiting ten nominated tors and check points in under two days.

Over 50 Exeter School pupils walked in either school teams or with other local youth groups. They took part in 55 mile, 45 mile and 35 mile teams, having trained in conjunction with St James’ School, Exeter.

Training was conducted over the winter and spring in a range of different weather conditions and temperatures. Pupils were therefore well prepared for the Ten Tors Challenge itself which this year was conducted in bright and sunny weather.

“During training, pupils learn navigation and camp craft skills and build up stamina for load-carrying for long distances over difficult terrain,” said Ten Tors Manager Bill Sharpe. “They also learn about themselves, their team mates and how to work together to achieve a result.

“The Ten Tors Challenge is not a race. All routes are different and some cover more challenging ground than others so no real comparison is possible. It matters not which team comes in first. It is a collective effort by a motivated group of young people using the knowledge they have gained during training to achieve a remarkable outcome, and in doing that to have an unforgettable experience.”

Well done to Christopher Hemmings , James Donegan, Isobel Rutter, Devina Gandhi, Harrison Gribble, Emma Harris, Mark P, Jack McArdle, Anna Utting, Carrick Bucci, Tilly Hale, Molly Matthews, Jack Hardie-East, Reuben Heal, William Toms, Tom Hockings, Stellan Aalto, Ioan Evans, Sam Clunie, George Heeley, Henry Wheatley, James Benn, Kai James, Ben Sims, Alice Gittoes-Davies, Tom Metcalf, Alice Daly, Dominic Manning, Barnaby O'Brien , Maddie Keliher, Beth Ledger, William Acheson, Thomas Pittman, Jessica Howell, Freya Munson, Otto Oldridge, Matilda Venn, Finlay Tabor, Archie Tear, Josh Grier, Phoebe Bridgwater, Evan Evans, Aaron Tucker, Henry Richards, Isabella Flashman, Kiran Lake, Henry Coleman, Redmond Coleman, Sam Mullan, Dan Graves and Edward O'Connor.

“These are very creditable times for long distances over difficult terrain and all pupils are congratulated on their success,” said Colonel Sharpe.

“Most importantly all pupils had a smile on their face and many memories to reflect on.”