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Science in action

Upper Two visit the Eden Project

Upper Two enjoyed a wonderful day at the Eden Project to complement their Science studies.

Upper Two Form Tutor Mrs Goldsworthy said: "We all missed Science Coordinator Mr Pidwell, who usually organises and educates us during the day, but the team at Eden were superb.

“We learnt how to survive in a jungle and also how many things we use in everyday life are plant based.”

Oliver Rochester enjoyed the tropical area because there were lots of really cool plants and trees including one tree which could make chewing gum.

Guy Harrison said: “I really liked the tropical area because there were lots of different plants to look at and it really had the atmosphere of a real rainforest.

“The Mediterranean was also very inspiring as it was very beautiful and calm. My favourite in the Mediterranean was a plant with cupped leaves so it could store water.

“I loved the Eden Project because we learnt so much about food, shelter and health,” said Dulcie Mason.

Maya Gill enjoyed learning about different types of food and how they were produced.

“Upper Two were terrific during the day and we received many comments on their wonderful behaviour and their interest in what they were learning,” said Mrs Goldsworthy.

“The staff at the Eden Project were impressed with them. Thank you for a lovely Science day, Upper Two!