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Collaborative programming

Perse Team Coding Challenge 2019

The Perse Team Coding Challenge is a programming competition pupils in Upper Fifth or below in which solve challenges by programming in Python. Round 1 took place in February, with individuals or pairs from Middle Fifth and Upper Fifth who study Computer Science taking part.

Merit certificates were awarded to those who scored above the national average:

  • Rachel Hammond and Alexia Costache (U5)
  • Carrick Bucci and Tom Metcalf (M5)
  • Lauren Hughes (M5)
  • Devina Gandhi and Tom Atkins (M5)
  • Billy Palmer and Angus Haddow (M5)
  • Guy Baker, Tom Kilmartin and Jamie Towers (U5)
  • Thea Purser (U5)
  • James Waddington and Max Di Vincenzo (U5)
  • James Donegan and Matthew Jenkinson (M5)
  • Jakub Czaja and Angus Stride (M5)

We also had four pairs who scored in the top 25% nationally, which earned them a Distinction Certificates and an invitation to compete in Round 2:

  • Sam Allman and Winston Tun (U5)
  • Charlie Hill and Adam Wajed (U5)
  • Chris Hemmings and Katie Ledger (M5)
  • Archie Tear and Mark P (M5)

In March, Round 2 saw teams competing for a chance to win prize money and the Braben Cup, sponsored by pioneering British games developer and CEO of Frontier Developments plc, David Braben. Each individual who qualified was allowed to set up a team of up to three programmers, but any third person invited to join the team had to be from Lower Fifth or below. This allows up and coming programmers to take part in a prestigious competition so some of our brightest and best younger pupils were asked for their help.

Two teams narrowly missed out on Merit certificates:

  • Chris Hemmings (M5)
  • Katie Ledger (M5), Alexia Costache (U5) and Isabelle Bill (L5)

One team earned a Merit certificate for placing above the national average:

  • Archie Tear (M5), Mark P (M5) and Albert Cooper Wedge (4)

Our most successful team earned a Distinction certificate for a score in the top 25%:

  • Charlie Hill (U5), Adam Wajed (U5) and Albert Hughes (4)

Head of Computer Science Ms Pinches congratulated everyone who took part this year on their excellent results.

“It was particularly exciting to see successful collaborative programming between pupils in different year groups,” she said.

“The vast majority of these pupils began studying programming less than two years ago so placing well in a national competition is particularly impressive.”