Bill Douglas Cinema Museum inspires ‘Collections’ coursework

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Bill Douglas Cinema Museum inspires ‘Collections’ coursework

Middle Fifth Art trip

Middle Fifth Art pupils paid a visit to the Bill Douglas Museum at the University of Exeter on Friday 17 May. The purpose of this trip was to gather first-hand evidence for their GCSE coursework project ‘Collections’ through the mediums of drawing and photography.

The Bill Douglas Cinema Museum is home to one of the largest collections of material relating to the moving image in Britain. The collection of cinematic artefacts was a great stimuli for the pupils coursework project ‘Collections’ and this lead to some beautiful first hand soft tonal studies and quick, gestural biro drawings.

We were fortunate to be given a tour of the Museum by Dr Phil Wickham, the curator at Bill Douglas Cinema Museum. He talked us through the visual history of the cinematic artefacts in the collection, from early magic lanterns to popular film memorabilia. This gave pupils a good understanding of how Science, Art and Theatre came together to create the cinematic experience we all enjoy today.

The group approached the trip with their characteristic diligence and curiosity, soaking up the information on offer and gathering vial evidence for their coursework unit. Upon returning to the studios, pupils will develop their studies and this work will go on to inform the progression of their ‘Collections’ coursework.