Week commencing 13 May 2019

Week commencing 13 May 2019


Monday 13 May

U11 girls v Maynard School - 3 pairs – Exeter won 11 matches to 4

Exeter Junior School hosted an U11 girls' tennis match against Maynard School.

"The weather was kind to us, other than a bit of a breeze, and the girls took to the court with great enthusiasm," said Miss Trimming.

"Each competitor played two rounds of singles and one round of doubles in a ‘first to 10 points’ format. All members of the team demonstrated the skills they have worked hard on throughout the year during tennis club, with every player successfully serving overarm, using groundstrokes and scoring their respective matches.

"The result was an 11 match to 4 win for Exeter School. The whole team should be congratulated on their attitude, politeness and effort throughout the match.

"There were too many brilliant performances to pick out any one in particular, so congratulations to the whole team of Rosie Batchelor, Yasmin Brown, Emma Barton, Caitlin Ampleford, Megan Roberts and Yasmin Tucker."

Boys' Cricket

Wednesday 15 May
U11A v Blundell’s Prep - lost by 2 wickets

U11A - 118 all out (Oliver Rochester 61, Tom Byrne 11, Rory Clarke 10)

Blundell’s Prep - 119 for 8 (Tom Byrne 4 for 10, George Gillingham 2 for 14)

"This ended up being a very close game, eventually being decided in the final over," said Mr Ashman.

"The fact that we ended up on the losing side might well prove to be a better learning experience in the long term! Having lost the toss and been inserted in our first game of the season was always going to provide a serious challenge.

"Our innings was one of great contrasts. Oliver Rochester really held things together with a superb knock, ably supported by Tom Byrne and William McLeod. On the flip side, we had a few boys who didn’t last very long on the back of reckless shots at inopportune moments, namely at the start of the innings!

"However, our total was a decent one and would certainly give our bowlers a chance. Tom Byrne led the way with the ball with an excellent spell of off-spin. Unfortunately, some dubious field settings (mainly caused by fielders not standing where they were told to) and too many extras meant that we found it difficult defending a respectable total. Rory Clarke deserves a mention for a couple of great catches and showing alertness and intensity in the field."

U11B v Blundell’s Prep - lost by 14 runs

Blundell’s - 309 for 9 (Wilfred Venn 2 for 9, William Hamilton 2 for 8)

U11B - 295 for 11 (Wilfred Venn 23 n.o. Alex Vosper 9 (out 1))

"Our overall bowling figures were fairly encouraging, with a good number of wickets taken," said Mr Bland.

"All the boys showed an understanding of technique, although further work on a more consistent line will help to keep the extras down.

"Batting also offered some encouraging signs. Perhaps the biggest difference was Blundell’s' slightly better ability to punish the bad ball for four, with ours picking up just ones or twos. This said, all the pairs worked well together, with Wilfred Venn and Alex Vosper particularly impressive, adding 42 runs for the loss of only one wicket, off their four overs."

Girls’ Cricket

Friday 10 May

U11A v Queen's College - won by 10 runs

"Friday afternoon saw the U11A team travelling to Queen's for their first competitive match of the season despite the drizzly, grey weather.

"The first innings was a chance for Exeter to accumulate as many runs as they could with the bat," said Miss Trimming.

"Strong batting performances from Rosie Batchelor, Lydia McLeod and Tess Hughes each gaining boundaries in their respective 2 overs helped push on the run rate for Exeter, helped by solid performances also from Yasmin Brown and Grace Lister resulting in a total of 235 after 10 overs.

"Exeter took to the field with determination and enthusiasm and some brilliant demonstrations of both bowling and fielding were on show. Special mention must go to Freya Kotting for her excellent work at the boundary, stopping several 4’s from being scored. Emma Barton also showed some brilliant fielding skills behind the wicket.

"Exeter bowled accurately with some brilliant straight bowling from Lucy Netherton and Megan Roberts, with a special mention to Esme Hobbs who bowled a maiden over and took a wicket. The girls showed good teamwork and worked hard on the skills they have been learning throughout the game."

U11B v Queen's College - won by 46 runs

Exeter - 266

Queen's - 220

"On a dull and drizzly Friday afternoon the U11B team travelled to Queen’s for their first competitive cricket game of the season," said Miss Wright.

"Exeter was put into bat first which saw some dazzling batting skills from Phoebe and Charlotte Greenwood. Charlotte scored 2 sixes and a number of 4s in only 2 overs which was impressive batting indeed.

"This started off Exeter’s attack on the run rate which was backed up by Tahlia Hill, Minti Gorne and Martha Herniman who all had a good innings with the bat. Exeter made 266 after 10 overs which certainly put Queen’s under pressure.

"Some lovely straight bowling came from Yasmin Tucker, Caitlin Ampleford and Arabella Kennaird-Melling, which meant that Queen’s was struggling to keep up with Exeter’s run rate. In addition, Dulcie Mason and Ella Fowler kept it tight in the field forcing Queen’s to score a final total of 220.

"Despite the weather, all of the girls worked hard throughout both innings and they learnt a lot both in batting and fielding. Roll on the next cricket match this season!"

U10A v Queen's -

Saturday 11 May
U10A v Millfield - won by 4 runs

Millfield - 300

Exeter - 304

"It was a long but exciting journey up to Millfield Prep, with a little detour to Millfield senior school and an ogle at the athletics track and swimming pool!" said Miss Wright.

"The team played 20 overs in bat, with each pair facing 4 overs each. Exeter started exceptionally well and communication was certainly the strength of the day. Some brilliant running came from Bea Hughes, Katie McMurray and Evie Jenkins scoring not only the singles but they also ran up the 2 and 3 runs! Exeter capitalised on any balls that were delivered slightly adrift from the stumps and some beautiful boundaries were scored.

"The team did not seem phased throughout the innings and gave away only 2 wickets, scoring an impressive 304. When it came to fielding it was evident that the team worked hard on developing the concept of backing up and indeed walking in.

"Some excellent bowling came from Lucy Vosper and Daisy Brough, in addition to some tight fielding from Grace Stevenson and Lamorna May. It was a pleasure to welcome Grace Golsworthy from Upper One into the team who had a very good all round game, demonstrating some brilliant core cricket skills.

"Millfield were exceptionally accommodating and they filled in our 2 missing fielding positions for around 6 overs (due to Exeter pupils having to dash off slightly early). I know both Millfield and Exeter took an awful lot from the experience and although it was a long day, I certainly felt it was an exceptionally positive one which demonstrated improvement of pupils throughout."

U10B V Millfield - lost by 14 runs

Exeter - 301

Millfield - 315

"This was a really excellent and exciting match played in beautiful sunshine at Millfield," said Ms Barnes.

"All nine girls enjoyed plenty of opportunities to bat, bowl, wicket-keep and field and noticeable improvements were made by all. The team-work, energy and collaborative spirit amongst the girls was brilliant and they clearly enjoyed embracing this growing sport for girls in Exeter Junior School."

Wednesday 15 May

U11A v Blundell’s Prep - won by 24 runs

Exeter - 286

Blundell's Prep - 262

"The sun was out and a glorious afternoon saw the U11A girls' team travel to Blundell’s School for their most recent cricket fixture," said Miss Trimming.

"Exeter were put into bat first and were put under pressure from the get go with a fast paced opening bowler from Blundell’s. As our opening batters, Megan Roberts and Grace Lister stood up to the challenge brilliantly, giving away only 1 wicket and persevering against a very difficult task to kick off our batting innings.

"Other superb batting performances came from Tess Hughes and Charlotte Greenwood who both managed to score multiple boundaries against a well drilled and well organised Blundell’s fielding effort. Backed up by a consistent performance from Rosie Batchelor, Exeter managed to score an impressive total of 286 off 20 overs.

"The 2nd innings saw Exeter take to the field and strong bowling performances from Esme Hobbs and Lucy Netherton put pressure on Blundell’s middle order. A special mention must go to Freya Kotting whose straight and accurate bowling saw two consecutive wickets, one of which was caught and bowled.

"The bowling performances were backed up brilliantly by the fielders, with accurate throwing from Yasmin Brown and brilliant backing up from Lydia McLeod. A special mention to Megan Roberts who, as captain, set the field and made necessary changes as the game progressed showing brilliant leadership. A very solid performance from the girls and a well-deserved win."

U11B/U10B v Blundell’s - won by 56 runs

Blundell’s - 260

Exeter - 316

"A brilliant game between two even teams," said Miss Lunn.

"We stepped up to bat first, with some high scores from Noor, Eva and Yasmin Brown we were feeling confident going in to field.

With some well communicated fielding we managed to keep the Blundell's score down with brilliant bowling all round. The girls played with a huge amount of enthusiasm and showed great potential.

"Well done to Noor Shariff for winning player of the match."

U10A v Blundell’s - lost by 30 runs

Blundell’s - 271

Exeter - 241

"After a brilliant weekend of cricket, the girls were raring to go," said Miss Wright.

"A great warm up was had by Exeter and after the toss we were put into bat first. The team played 10 overs with each batting pair facing 2 overs. In the first 2 overs Daisy Brough and Lucy Vosper put on a huge 25 runs which ranged from a quick single to some lovely fours.

"Katie McMurray and Bea Hughes were determined to add to the score board and they put on a pleasing 18 runs between them. After the first 4 overs Exeter then faced some good bowling and solid fielding resulting in a number of wickets being lost and 5 runs being taken off the total each time. Exeter finished the 10 overs on 241.

"It was Exeter’s turn to put out a strong fielding performance and some fantastic bowling came from Hanna Sari, Emily Bishop and Lamorna May. It was Grace Stevenson who took the 1 wicket from Blundell’s with an excellent catch and Gracie Blake made some good decisions in the field putting Blundell’s under pressure.

"However, sadly Blundell’s kept fighting and with some outstanding batting from a number of their team, they were able to take the victory. A special mention must go to Evie Jenkins who won bowler of the innings, as voted by Blundell’s. According to Evie, that was her first ever player of the match (which I cannot believe); very well deserved, Evie!"