A private view

A private view

Take One Picture

An excited party of four travelled to London on Wednesday 8 May for a Private View at The National Gallery, to view our very own sculpture selected to be part of a special exhibition.

It was exciting and interesting to see how children from across the whole of the country have been inspired by Joseph Wright of Derby.

Every year, as part of The National Gallery’s Take One Picture programme, we invite primary schools nationwide to focus on one of our paintings and respond creatively to its themes and subject matter, historical context, or composition. Take One Picture aims to inspire cross-curricular learning, as well as a lifelong love of art.

This year, schools responded to Joseph Wright of Derby's An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump.

The painting was chosen for the wide range of subjects that are explored: the depiction of a scientific experiment and its entertainment value, the human drama happening in a night-time domestic setting, and the references to the Age of Enlightenment.

Featuring works by children from 31 different primary schools in a diverse range of media – from a multicoloured fabric print to wire sculptures – the exhibition showcases the richness of children's creative responses to Wright's painting.

Headmistress Sue Marks, glass artist Michelle Keay, Art Coordinator Claire Handley and DT Coordinator Siobhán Morgan all felt an immense sense of pride when they entered the Sunley exhibition room and viewed our beautiful sculpture amongst the huge variety of high quality artwork created.

We would love to hear from you if you visit the exhibition. Tweet us with your pictures! The Take One Exhibition runs from 9 May until 11 August. Find out more via nationalgallery.org.uk/take-one-picture