Week beginning 25 February 2019

Week beginning 25 February 2019


Thursday 14 February

U9A v St Peter's Prep - lost 0 – 2

"The U9A played some great football, tried really hard and put in a good all round performance," said  Mr Pidwell.

"Unfortunately the match can best be described as a “rather tough day at the office.” St Peter's were very strong and played well. Exeter had more procession and passed and moved really well.

"Goal keeper, Oliver Lister, put in some superb saves and, in the second half, kept Exeter in the game. However, Exeter were unable to translate possession into goals and did struggle slightly to put together enough shots on goal. That said, the boys played valiantly to the end and enjoyed a super afternoon of football."

U9B v St Peter's Prep - won 4 – 1 (Leo Raichura 2, Yi-Ren Wong, Zac Dunstan)

"The boys put in a very encouraging performance and, for the most part, controlled this one," said Mr Ashman.

"Benjamin Ledwidge had a solid game in goal, John Pugh was very dependable at the back, James Bloor ‘pulled the strings’ in midfield and Leo Raichura really stretched the opposition in the final third.

"However, all the boys deserve great credit for the way they responded to all the coaching advice given and tried really hard to keep passing the ball. The highlight of the match was a superb defence splitting pass by William Ogilvie, which Leo Raichura ran onto and shot firmly past the keeper.

"These boys are an absolute pleasure to coach, as they all fully appreciate the value of representing the school, no matter what the level. As a unit, they are gelling really well and the next match against Plymouth College can’t come soon enough!"

U8A v St Peter's Prep - won 10 - 0 (Pengxiao Zhu (6), Vincent Dong (2), Huw Phillips and Dexter Leck)

"This was one of the most dominant performances I have overseen whilst coaching an Exeter School football team," said Mr Buckingham.

"From the get go the boys demonstrated that they were more up for this game than St Peter's, opening the scoring with an almost impossible goal by Vincent Dong, impressively scoring uphill direct from a corner.

"Pengxiao Zhu was a standout performer, dribbling through the opposition defence on numerous occasions in a performance that even Mo Salah himself would be proud of.

"Vincent Dong contributed another fine goal from his target man up role upfront. The performances of both Dexter Leck and Huw Phillips in defence were also very notable, with both boys grabbing goals and contributing towards an impressive clean sheet.

"Overall this was a fine game to end the school’s football calendar on, a confident, dominant and polished display from which I very much look forward to working with the boys again next year."

Thursday 28 February

U9A v Plymouth College Prep - won 9 - 0 (Theo Lawrence (3), Reuben Tucker (3), Oliver Lister (1), Matthew Cooper (1) and Joseph Lomas (1))

"To quote a famous football pundit, 'Football’s a funny old game'; last game we had a 'bad day at the office' this week’s match was very different," said Mr Pidwell.

"The boys passed and moved well and really thought about their positions. Pre-game training was hugely successful, with far more shots on goal being rewarded with infinitely more goals. The defence was very strong, with the Goal Keeper having so little to do he had to have a quick “go” at playing on field to keep him warm.

"The thing to remember is this: the boys enjoyed both matches and they played both with equal enthusiasm and determination. It’s always good to win but we must always remember that 'If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster, and treat those two impostors just the same; you’ll be an Exeter School sportsman'."

U9B v Plymouth College Prep - drew 0 – 0

"There are nil nil draws and nil nil draws and this was very much one of the positive variety!" said Mr Ashman.

"Both teams went at it ‘hammer and tongs’ and served up an extremely competitive match. Once again, Benjamin Ledwidge was very impressive in goal and John Pugh showed plenty of effort and determination in covering every blade of grass. Leo Raichura showed some silky skills out on the left and was our main attacking threat.

"We created a few excellent chances but our execution left a bit to be desired! When we did put the ball in the net, the over officious referee (yours truly!) blew his whistle just before James Bloor pulled the trigger!

"Overall, this was another very productive afternoon’s work from this group of boys and we eagerly await the last match of the season against St. Leonard’s on 21 March. This will be a genuine derby, with both teams separated by County Hall, a bit like Stanley Park dividing the two grounds in the L4 district of Liverpool!"


Thursday 14 February

U9A v St Peter's Prep - won 11 - 3

"The girls travelled to St Peters on a gloriously sunny afternoon for the last match before half term," said Miss Handley.

"The girls started strongly and were able to sustain momentum throughout. They demonstrated impressive passing, interceptions and teamwork. Alice Kotting and Berenice Rydin-Orwin made some superb interceptions and accurate passing.

"Arabella Greenwood managed some outstanding shooting and Grace Golsworthy was nominated star player. Well done to all the girls for an impressive 11-3 win."

U9B v St Peter's Prep - drew 2 - 2

"In the last game before half term in the Lympstone sunshine, the U9B team took to the netball court to take on St Peter's," said Miss Wright.

"The girls started strong getting the ball up the court to our attacking D, working hard to convert. The sunshine was hard to shoot towards but the team persevered and it was 1-1 at half time.

"After our rotation of positions, the girls were raring to go for the last 14 minutes of the game. Imogen Charlton-Anne and Zoe Carson both played really well throughout and were voted as joint players of the match for excellent defending skills.

"With only 3 minutes to go, St Peter's scored to take the lead meaning it was 2-1. A netball post malfunction, forced us to stop time with 2 minutes to go. Time started and Exeter won possession and Annabel Jenner was able to score the goal which drew the game, with seconds to go! What a brilliant way to finish the half term with such a lovely fixture."

Wednesday 27 February

U11A v Blundell's A - lost 2 - 10

"It was a beautiful sunny afternoon to travel to Blundell's for a hard fought, highly contested Netball match," said Miss Wright.

"As ever, Blundell's started as they meant to go, scoring very early into the game. Throughout all four quarters, Exeter worked tirelessly to turn over the ball. Some exceptional defending came from Milly Traylor and player of the match, Rosie Batchelor.

"On the day, Exeter's major weakness was giving the ball away, making passes that were not on and rushing decisions. The team was able to recognise this throughout and this is an area we will be working on during training in weeks to come.

"Another special mention must go to Charlotte Greenwood who was voted the attacking player of the match. Well done girls, you certainly earned your match teas!"

U11B v Blundell's - won 7 - 3

U11B v Exeter Cathedral School - drew 3 - 3

"The U11B girls travelled to Blundell’s and took to the court for a triangular fixture on a beautiful sunny afternoon," said Miss Trimming.

"First up was Blundell’s U11B where the girls made a strong start. In attack, they moved the ball with speed and accuracy through the court and the shooting display was solid. When the opposition had possession, the girls worked hard in defence to gain several interceptions and rebounds, making it difficult for Blundell’s to gain shooting opportunities.

"A special mention must go to Maria Turnbull-Pomares who worked tirelessly in her position as C, both in a defensive and attacking role. The result was a 7-3 win for Exeter School.

"The girls immediately went on to play Exeter Cathedral School U11A team. The opposition made it much more difficult to move the ball through the court; however, the girls were able to gain a close lead of 2-1 at half time. The second half saw Exeter Cathedral School mount a comeback with some excellent long shots despite some excellent defending and interceptions by Exeter School in the D.

"After a very close encounter, the score ended at 3-3 in a hard fought game. Special mention to Noor Shariff who made some excellent interceptions as GD in the first half, and gained some excellent possession in attack at GA against some very tall and skilful defence in the second half."

U10A v Blundell's - lost 0 - 11

"The U10 girls played with great determination against Blundell's defending strongly," said Mrs Marsh.

"Grace Stevenson intercepted several passes and Hanna Sari captained the team and received the player of the match award. The team improved and began to pass more consistently, with many of the girls being versatile playing in different positions. Gracie Blake made a pleasing transition from shooter to wing defence. The girls gave a spirited performance and never gave up."

U10BB v Blundell's - lost 0 - 4

Exeter Cathedral School - lost 1 - 4

"The U10B girls very much enjoyed their triangular tournament against Blundell’s and Exeter Cathedral School," said Ms Barnes.

"It took place in glorious sunshine, hosted by Blundell’s Preparatory School. Their confidence and speed of passing noticeably increased and they put in some excellence defensive work against two strong teams. Our goal scorers got closer and closer to scoring, with Alex Freemantle scoring a brilliant goal in the last few minutes of the second match."

Thursday 28 February

U9A v Plymouth - lost 1 - 3

U9A v St Peters - lost 1 - 2

"The girls were really excited to be playing in their first triangular of the season against Plymouth and St Peter's," said Miss Wright.

"It was a lovely sunny afternoon for the mini tournament and all of the team were rearing to go.

"The first game was against St Peter's and for many of the girls, it was their match of the season. Exeter started off with fight and speed; however, as St Peter's settled into the game, they managed to make Exeter work really hard for the ball.

"Exeter were able to score the first goal, taking the score to 1-0. It was not until the final minutes of the game that St Peter's were able to capitalise on their attacking opportunities scoring their second goal with 10 seconds to go. It was a lovely game allowing pupils to rotate positions accordingly. A special mention must go to Sienna Mitchell who was voted player of the match by the other team.

"Plymouth was Exeter’s second opponent of the day and with a rotation of players, Isobel Cann was determined to deny her opposite player the ball with some excellent interceptions. Although Exeter played well, at times they gave the ball away easily to Plymouth who were able to convert in the D.

"However, Evie Handley had an exceptional game and denied their Centre from creating too many attacking opportunities. Once again, the game was brilliant to watch and I know the team really enjoyed the whole afternoon. Well done to all girls involved."

U9B v Plymouth College Prep

"A very close game between two evenly match teams," said Miss Lunn.

"Captain Kate Daybell scored a brilliant goal in the second half in an attempt to chase Plymouth's lead. The girls showed a huge amount of determination throughout the match and player of the match was Tilly Haw."

U9B v St Peter's Prep - lost 0 - 2

"The girls played with determination against St Peter’s Prep," said Mrs Marsh.

"They worked hard to move the ball through the court and made great progress with their passing. Kate Daybell showed versatility as a defender and a shooter, and Annabel Jenner worked really hard throughout the match. They listened and made progress with lots of smiles and enthusiasm."

Cross Country

Tuesday 26 February

Stover Prep Invitation Event (U9 & U11 Girls & Boys)

"Forty pupils were selected to represent Exeter Junior School on Tuesday 26 February at the annual Stover School Cross Country event," said Miss Wright.

"It was a glorious sunny day and the U9 course of 1200m and the U11 course of 1520m looked like it was in perfect condition for the races ahead.

"The terrain was typical of any cross country course; starting off with a gentle downhill slope, escalating in gradient followed by a long gradual uphill climb before either the finish on the flat (U9s) or the extra run around the woods before heading to the finish line (U11s).

"Notable individual performances in the U9 age group came from Oliver Lister who came second overall and Thea Rochester who came third overall, as well as Theo Lawrence, Finlay Murray, Grace Golsworthy and Zoe Carson coming in the top 20. In the U11s, Exeter had George Gillingham coming fourth, Tom Byrne fifth, Emma Barton seventh and Gracie Blake ninth, as well as Tess Hughes, Grace Lister, Ollie Johnston and William Maynard being in the top 20.

"Overall, when looking at the team results, Exeter was comfortably placed second out of 9 schools. Clearly, all of the running during games lessons (the marathon challenge) and the cross country practice pupils have done, have really paid off.

"Well done to all of Exeter’s competitors, it was such a brilliant event to be a part of. All pupils displayed resilience, grit and determination, completing the course to the best of their ability."

Boys' Hockey

Wednesday 27 February

U11A Blundell's Prep Festival

U11A v Millfield – lost 0-3

U11A Wellington – drew 0-0

U11A v Blundell's – lost 0-3

"The boys found it hard to play at a high intensity in short festival matches due to the heat which sapped their energy," said Mr Mason.

"They fought hard in defence led by Rory Clarke whilst in the middle of the pitch George Gillingham and Wilfred Venn showed the levels of intensity required. Many chances were created up front but unfortunately the pressure could not be converted into goals."

U11B Blundell's Prep Festival

U11B v Millfield Prep - lost 1 – 4 (Rupert Murray)

U11B v Wellington Prep School - won 2 – 1 (Jed Smith, Joe McFadyen)

U11B v Blundell’s Prep - won 3 – 1 (Tom Byrne 2, Jed Smith)

"The advantage of a festival format is that it gives players the opportunity to develop individually and collectively in a tangible period of time," said Mr Ashman.

"I was particularly impressed with how these boys maximised their opportunities in this regard. We certainly had a ‘baptism of fire’ against a very strong Millfield team and can take great heart from staying in the game as long as we did.

"In fact, the game turned after we missed a glorious chance and then lost our way in the last few minutes. Team performances progressively got better against both Wellington and Blundell’s. In the latter, I was really pleased with the way that we shifted the ball purposefully into good areas; two of our goals involved moves starting from just outside our circle.

"Whilst some of our players were more influential than others, this was not a day to single out individuals but rather to take great satisfaction from the collective efforts and progress of the group. Well done, boys!"

U10A v Blundell's - lost 1 – 2 (Ollie Johnson)

"A slow start to the first half saw the boys caught out and go a couple of goals down, struggling to really get going," said Mr Bland.

"Fortunately, the second half was very much improved, with overall effort, team work and brains far more in gear! William Maynard stood out, in particular, with a number of penetrating runs, well supported by Toby Kenefick and Josh Paget.

"A slick move through the middle saw them pull a goal back through Ollie Johnson and bring a real urgency to the game. Despite pressing hard and winning a number of penalty corners they weren’t able to finish things off, which was a pity as a draw would have been a much fairer result."

U10B v Blundell’s - won 3 – 0 (Tom O’Connor (2), Franklin Harreld (1))

"The fantastic weather we enjoyed for this fixture mirrored the sunny disposition of the team after a well-earned victory against old rivals, Blundell’s," said Mr Wood.

"The match was played on a generously proportioned pitch, and the boys certainly tried to make good use of the width, with telling crosses being made to our wide players which both cleared any trouble effectively, and helped launch some lightning strikes into the heart of Blundell’s defence.

"Daniel Adams proved solid in the heart of midfield and provided good support for both Tom O’Connor and Franklin Harreld, who were a constant threat in the opposition goal area. Samuel Morgan and goalkeeper, Alexander Ludman, were excellent in defence and snuffed out many of the opposition’s attacks. Well done to all the boys for some determined and skilled contributions, which made for such an exciting match for the spectating parents to appreciate."