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Winners announced

Nancy Rothwell Competition 2017

Exeter School’s Biology and Art departments have awarded prizes for an internal version of the Nancy Rothwell Competition.

Pupils in the Junior School and Senior School entered the national competition run by the Society of Biology by first submitting their entries to the Art and Biology departments.

The Nancy Rothwell competition is a national competition for biological specimen drawing. It is an opportunity for pupils to combine their artistic talents with detailed observations and anatomical knowledge.

Head of Biology, Julia Metcalf, said: “We asked pupils to submit their entries to us at the end of the summer term so that the Art and Biology departments could give our own prizes to reward pupils for their efforts.

“The deadline to enter the national competition was earlier in September and we await the results from the Society of Biology,” she said.

The winner of the Junior School section is William Dean who, as an Upper Two pupil, produced a beautiful drawing of a beetle. William is in now in the Third Form.

Runners up in the Junior School were Chloe Wallace (now U1B), Lydia Brookes-Ferrari (now U2A) and Jasmine Hardy (now U2G) for their wonderful designs of a bullfinch, corn snake and plant.

We also had some lovely entries from the Senior School. It was decided that third place should go to Theo Power for his dramatic coyote, second place was awarded to Oliver Capps for his very sweet pencil drawing of a robin.

“The winner of the Senior School competition is Alfie Greenham; he included many anatomical labels and we thought the use of colour and movement in his magpie pencil drawing was stunning,” said Mrs Metcalf.

Head of Art, Ali Escott, said: “We were fascinated by the variety of specimens which our pupils chose to portray. The observational skills, careful rendering of form and anatomical detail in the entries were most impressive. We eagerly await the results of the national competition.”