The reality of running a fission reactor

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The reality of running a fission reactor

EDF Energy workshop

A number of pupils in Upper Fifth ad Upper Sixth were treated to some real-world applications of Physics on Thursday when Mr Darren Kenny from EDF Energy ran workshops on the inner workings of a fission nuclear power station.

Mr Kenny used his significant experience as a trainer both in the nuclear industry and in the military to engage and educate pupils about the Physics and Engineering involved in building and running a pressurised water reactor.

Pupils took part in the following activities:

  • Building the primary circuit of the reactor using a state-of-the-art Virtual Reality setup.
  • Interacting with and learning about the new Hinkley C reactor through augmented reality with a very impressive Microsoft HoloLens.
  • A team challenge to run a power station on multiple tablets through communication and teamwork.

All pupils in school had the chance to take part in these activities at lunchtime and pupils from Third Form to Upper Sixth came along to try them out.

It really was an engaging, exciting and memorable event for all that took part and we would like to thank Mr Kenny very much for coming in and providing our pupils with these fun, interactive and educational opportunities.