Putting the world to rights

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Putting the world to rights

Exeter College Model United Nations

An enjoyable and fruitful day was enjoyed by 18 Exeter School pupils as they represented Russia, North Korea, the United Arab Emirates and Senegal at this lively day conference held at Exeter College.

Pupils spent the day putting the world to rights, albeit from their countries’ unique and perhaps questionable perspectives! Topics under debate included the questions of child soldiers, rights of women in the Middle East, unifying the Korean Peninsula, the arms trade and sustainable farming.

Delegates spent the morning grappling with the topics under consideration in their various committees. This including lobbying, speaking debating and amending the resolutions that delegates had prepared ahead of the conference.

In the afternoon delegates convened in General Assembly to deal with an unfolding global crisis in which the UK invaded Morocco and unfortunately ended in nuclear war.

Well done to Charlie Kerr (M5), Paul Roberts (L6), Tegan Murphy (L6), Henry Wright (U6), Lucy Zhang (U6), for whom this was their first MUN Conference.

Well done also to the following delegates who won awards for their contributions and efforts on the day: Zachary Marsh (Best Delegate, Middle East Committee), Cosmo Coish (Best Delegate Historical Security Council and also Best Dressed Delegate!), James Harris (Best Delegate, Political Committee) and Severin Baker (Commended Delegate, Environment Committee).

Thanks to Miss McCluskey and Mrs Wilson for organising this trip

Model United Nations is a simulation of the real United Nations, whereby ‘delegates’ take on roles as ambassadors for their allocated countries and debate a vast range of topics putting forth their countries’ point of view. It offers great opportunity to meet new people and enhance communication, negotiation and research skills in an enjoyable and engaging way. New members are always welcome and find a supportive, friendly environment. Please see Miss McCluskey for more information.